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UNIT 0 [Pt.4]

Part 4. Flashback

~16 years earlier~

"Haha, Cassidy! Cassidy! Stop it huuuurrrrrrrrts!" Laughed a red haired woman, while a blonde man (sort of pudgy) chased her around. Earlier in the tape it had shown him tickling her. "Stop..." She panted, "It's not good for..." "Good for what?" He asked her, giving her curious puppy dog eyes. He looked like Ciana and Arthur, with a square pinched face. The woman had Arthur and Cianas brilliant red hair, and cyan eyes. 

Her face turned a little bit serious, she opened her mouth to say something when a male voice came in. "Ciara, Cassidy, come now we have a meeting." They both stood alert and followed the male off camera.

The video stopped and switched to an official looking conference table. At it sat 5 couples and one male. The male had dark brown hair with dark brown eyes to match, he had a beard and looked very intimidating. He was very largely built, and even through the video you could tell he worked out. "You know why I have called you all here, for the birthing project." A screen appeared behind him, and an official commercial started playing.


Hello, thank you for volunteering for 'THE BIRTHING PROJECT.' The following volunteering subjects are all pregnated woman. During the course of their pregnancy the subjects shall be administered a multitude of enhancements. Once the baby is born, they shall have enhanced abilities such as; strength, speed, agility, balance, intelligence, beauty and charm."

The commercial ended and the intimidating man turned to the table. "There is your basic synapsis. As obviously stated in the commercial, all the woman here are pregnant." All the woman nodded. "My wife and I are included in this project. Today's meeting has been called for the first administration of enhancements. Each subject will have an especially enhanced ability including the enhancements mentioned in the video." He started listing names.

"Brad and Joyce have been assigned DRUG Enhancement 28737. SPEED
Church and Angel have been assigned DRUG Enhancement 93754. AGILITY
Marcus and Laia have been assigned DRUG Enhancement 39023. BALANCE
Celow and Abdola have been assigned DRUG Enhancement 90832. WISDOM
Cassidy and Ciara, you have been assigned the especially unique DRUG Enhancement 10101. TELETHAPY AND INVISIBILTY
My wife and I choose DRUG Enhancement 00000. STRENGTH."
Said the (Ciana thought) familiar looking man, naming his Wife and his chosen drug enhancement with pride.

The video stopped once more, switching to another scene. It was Ciara and a woman with blonde hair and kind brown eyes, she seemed so frail and petite. They were smiling, like good friends do. Both were noticeably pregnant, maybe even 8 months. "What are you going to name him?" "I was thinking something along the lines of Robin, like Roberts name. What about you? Your the only one who hasn't been able to tell your baby's gender." "Well..." She rubbed her belly affectionately with a smile. "I was thinking Ciana, similar to my name. Or Arthur, you know, like the knight?"

Ciana gasped, we had to stop here. This was too weird. She knew you are separated at birth from your parents, but never do you ever actually see them. Or know there name, or see them on film, talking about weird stuff with weird people about weird things. This was overwhelming her and she felt like she was going to pass out.

Arthur was staring with blank confusion at the T.V screen. Zero stopped the video, seeing how dismayed we obviously were. Blank as always, "I can see how you two are obviously surprised. But please, refrain from saying anything or asking any questions." All the two of us could do was nod on.

Zero started the video again. It was back to the intimidating man. He was standing outside of (what looked like) a hospital room. "This is preposterous! How is this possible, I know you were unable to tell that fetuses gender, but there are TWO of them!?!? The ultrasound only showed ONE! This is unexceptable, we must get rid of that alien spawn!" Then there was Cassidy, face red with anger, "YOUR JUST ANGRY SHEILA DIED GIVING BIRTH TO ROBIN." Roberts face went blank, in sadness and anger. Cassidy stopped, face turning to sympathy. "I'm sorry, Robert-" Still no emotion. "Out of my sight, executed." "What? Robert, you couldn't, Ciara needs me, the kids," "There won't be any more 'kids', I'm having the birthing project shut down and terminated." Two assimilators grabbed Cassisy by his arms,  dragging him into the distance, "No Robert, you can't do this, you can't kill those kids! My kids! Your own child!" The video ended with Robert, his face full of remorse and regret.

Then the tape ended.
Hey guys :D IT'S BEEN FOREVVVVVEEERRR since my homework cleared up enoughnfor me to write this. It's short, but hey it's something right?

The series has become more popular among my friends then I thought it would, a special thanks to my buddys :D

Especially the Korean and the Twinkie. (personal joke)

Charlie Heart <3

(btw HUGE clue as to who Zero might be)
chococat99225 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
hey this is the "Korean" (Awesome Jessica)
now check out my website! i made a separate blog on my website just for unit 0!


Chococat99225 :headbang:
chococat99225 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
hey this is the "Korean" (Awesome Jessica)
now check out my website! i made a separate blog on my website just for unit 0!

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